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    Welcome to Vindy Cheats! What to do now you have purchased ? First of all, Make sure you are signed up to the website, as you will need an account so we can provide you access to download the loader! Now, Shoppy.gg will have sent you all required details needed to get you setup on our website and into the game. You will receive the following email : Next step is to get your account setup as premium so you can download the loader associated to your purchase. To get this going, join our public discord server, you will find the invite on the right hand side Next step is to make a ticket on the public discord! The ticket bot will create a new channel as "Ticket-0000", we will now provide the information previously mentioned to the ticket so the admins can grant the premium rank on your account. Once you have posted these a member of our support team will grant you access to the downloads! They will give various links that will help with your experience. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE HOW TO USE AND DISABLE PROTECTION GUIDES!
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