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    Version 1.0.28


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    APB RELOADED Windows 10 support AMD and INTEL CPUS Features: VISUALS: Player ESP Distance ESP Aim Laser Friendly FOV Corsshair Granate ESP AIMBOT: ON/OFF Best Distance Close to Crosshair Auto Switch Smooth slider FOV slider Friendly TRIGGERBOT: ON/OFF On key Delay slider Friendly Video below
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    Version 1.04


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    Welcome to Vindy Cheats! What to do now you have purchased ? First of all, Make sure you are signed up to the website, as you will need an account so we can provide you access to download the loader! Now, Shoppy.gg will have sent you all required details needed to get you setup on our website and into the game. You will receive the following email : Next step is to get your account setup as premium so you can download the loader associated to your purchase. To get this going, join our public discord server, you will find the invite on the right hand side Next step is to make a ticket on the public discord! The ticket bot will create a new channel as "Ticket-0000", we will now provide the information previously mentioned to the ticket so the admins can grant the premium rank on your account. Once you have posted these a member of our support team will grant you access to the downloads! They will give various links that will help with your experience. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE HOW TO USE AND DISABLE PROTECTION GUIDES!
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    Version 1.0.1


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    Many people after making their purchase do not have access in the forum to download the desired hack. To do this you have to: 1. Join public discord server. 2. You can open a support ticket to receive access to the downloads section. 3. Thank you all for choosing us, we are pleased to have our costumes happy.
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    Scammer: Real name: Daniel Spicer Ascotgrove Ashington NORTHUMBERLAND NE63 8NR United KingdomEmail: danielspicer1509@gmail.comEmail: Spicerspicahroblox@gmail.comDiscord: Spicah#8066IP: https://open.spotify.com/user/danielspicer1509 https://www.twitch.tv/spicahtv
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    Version 1.0.1


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    I wanted to write a quick review about the two KZT products I have used. To start off with the admin Vindy is literally the nicest and most responsive person in this market I have met so far. I have used other providers in the past and the service and responsiveness are unmatched here. For RUST anyone that plays that game knows that security is a top priority there. Not only do they have an extremely strong build of EAC employed, they also use VAC and Facepunch has their own anticheat as well as individual server side anti-cheats that look at statistics of gameplay both past and present as well as IP tracking etc. KZT is by far the most secure I have used and to date I am on the longest run of no game ban. The product itself aside from security is great. With RUST I only use the ESP and aimbot and with smoothing and a low FOV you are accurate and win most fights while not arising suspicion. With Valorant I purchased the product tonight and it's great. Currently it is only ESP but honestly, if you have decent aim, it's all you need for this game. The recoil and movement of this type of game doesn't demand the strafing and positioning of games such as Apex or even Rust. If you can hold angles and get your crosshairs to your targets head quickly you will dominate with this product. I recently purchased access to the Cloudacy spoofer and am waiting on hearing from Cloudacy on some issue fixes with crashing my graphics card. Vindy's team immediately responded to my forum post and offered suggestions that did not work and forwarded the issue to the developer of the spoofer. I will update when that is complete and have no concerns that I am in good hands. Overall two great products, amazing customer service and an all around enjoyable atmosphere. I would highly recommend using their services. As someone who learned things the hard way when I started out, I can honestly say I wish I would have found Vindy and his team first.
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    Hi Guys As i have bought and used rascal and am aware of its functions i am more than happy to help and advise if you need any assistance. Even Though vindy is more knowledgeable and will most likely be able to answer much more than me but if he is busy or occupied help is always at hand so feel free and dont be shy. All i ask is be calm respectful and mature. Regards TMK
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    Easily the best DayZ loader I've used so far. Only missing a line ESP and different colors for the item names to see them better when they're cluttering your screen. 8.5/10. Definitely going to buy from this shop again.
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    Version 1.0.15


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    I've played with the super people cheat a few times so far. I give it a 9 out of 10. I am making a video for this cheat will posy that soon. All in all loved the cheat super easy to buy and use. Great work. Pros Easy to use and very clean menu. It is also stream proof. Aimbot is good but was still having recoil and snipers wasn't always hitting this could be my fault with settings wrong. Esp is perfect always worked no lag. The radar on the mini map is the greatest radar I've seen yet. NO BANS YET EVEN AFTER RAGING. Cons Recoil even with aimbot. (Like I said before could be wrong settings if so where did I fuck up) Wish there was side mouse buttons for aim lock but it's no big deal. Wish there was a setting for no recoil again not super needed bit would be great if some only wanted to use esp and no recoil and not aimbot.
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    Every user will automatically when run our injector have generated personal build automatically also. Updates are made automatically. External but we support full screen. Menu key is insert. Support all CPUs and GPUs Support from 1909 windows 10 to newest one Support windows 11 all versions
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    hope everyone likes this video I made to show case some of my game play with the super people cheat.
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    thanks man its what i do. cheat itself is great had a ton of fun using it.
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    Support for Windows 10 versions from 2004 to newest one. Support for Intel and AMD. Support only NVIDIA GPU! Support game mode in windowed or full screen windowed. Fully hidden on game stream or record! Smooth Performance UNIQUE BUILD for every single person bring you better security and safety by us.
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    DAYZ SYN Infos: HWID Lock BUILD IN HWID SPOOFER Support INTEL + AMD INTERNAL CHEAT Supports ALL Windows 10 versions including newest one! Features: Aimbot: - Enable Silent Aimbot - FOV - Aim on Players - Aim on Zombies - HitBox (Head, Chest, Nearest) Visuals: - Enable Esp Box on Players - Enable Esp box on Zombies - Esp Loot - Loot Distance - Esp Cars - Esp Skeleton - Show aim position - Enable Esp Distance - Enable Esp Name - Enable Esp Weapon Misc: - Enable Speedhack - Enable No Grass - Enable Always Day
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    Version 1.0.1


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    Bought a 1 day a couple of problems and vindy was on it instantly straight fixed every problem i had and its working completely amazing will defo be buying longer now ❤️ 10000% legit
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    We gave you access, stop acting like that. Be patient, we have personal life too. Thank you.
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    Yeah, I think the main reason for some of these bugs is my spoofer or cpu dunno tho.
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    I recently bought KZT Valorant cheat and been using it, really great cheat and I pushed my rank to Gold 3 from silver 2. Undetected but I didn't made it obvious like locking on people through walls and look directly at them through walls because cheat is undetected but you can get manual reported from people and checked by the devs. Overall great experience.
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    This hack is so good. First, this has not been detected yet. Second, It is cheaper than it contains various functions. Thirdly, the Discord Forum is well revitalized. Finally, vindy is friendly and responsive is quick. If you aren't sure yet, try buying one-day first.
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    I have tried this for a day. No bugs no crashes you just inject it and open the game. Its really simple and works consistently. ESP: Well its ESP. But its clean looking and every color is customizable and it doesn't bug out or anything. It also does a great job at quickly finding the targets since Valorants ac prevents you from seeing everyone at all times. But this piece of software really gets it done nicely and doesn't have floating ESP boxes that are not even a location of an enemy. Can recommend
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    I stumbled across this site probably as most of others did, looking for a place to buy legit rust cheats. Well, you've found them. I was one of the first to purchase the SUNRISE cheat, and was so happy to find something that all of the features I wanted, except for one thing. There was no settings to adjust for recoil or spread, only an aimbot section. So I recommend to @Vindy (assuming Owner/Founder) and was responded to within minutes, and told he would be getting working on it! I had only purchased a 24 hour pass and the Owner was taking my advice into consideration. The next day, I got a message back and was notified that SUNRISE had been updated, and that he had added my recommendation. I can not explain the great customer service and support offered on this website, other than tell you that you won't find anyone giving this much support. The cheat has been online 95% of the time, and when it is down for updates you usually don't even realize because they update it so fast. And no I am not getting paid/any benefits from providing this review, I just thought i would let others know my experience, since the last review was April 17 or something. Overall: Cheat: 10/10 Customer Support: 10/10 Community: 10/10
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    So i have been using the FORCE RUST hack and here is my review Pros alot of nice features the user interface(menu) is very easy to understand its very easy to change the setting when in a game or "on-the-fly" the aimbot is bang on(body\headshot) ESP is great u can ESP tool cupboards, food, boxes(not just wooden ones,military and elite ones too u can pick some or all) ESP players name weapon hp skeleton distance always daytime is 100% the best ore and hemp ESP very nice Cons aimbot does NOT target NPC on oil rig or anywhere aimbot does NOT target NPC heli no distance to hemp or ores and as u get closer to them ESP name gets smaller always day does not work in mines(u will need a light) please remember this is version 1.0.2 if u are reading in the distance furture
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    If you are interested in buying a very good hack for fortnite, I definitely recommend it, hack works, it writes in full awareness. If you buy and need help in starting up and settings, write boldly and I will try to help you with that.
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    Hi Guys This is my review of Rascal Pubg and vindy, I have bought and used Rascal and it is very good also my communication with vindy has been nothing but great and can vouch for this guy hands down. He is professional mature and very helpful. I cant thank enough to be able to finally meet a mature member of this community and not a raged kiddie living in mummies basement ripping people off. Keep up the good work Vindy, You have a customer for life. Regards TMK
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