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  1. I wanted to write a quick review about the two KZT products I have used. To start off with the admin Vindy is literally the nicest and most responsive person in this market I have met so far. I have used other providers in the past and the service and responsiveness are unmatched here. For RUST anyone that plays that game knows that security is a top priority there. Not only do they have an extremely strong build of EAC employed, they also use VAC and Facepunch has their own anticheat as well as individual server side anti-cheats that look at statistics of gameplay both past and present as well as IP tracking etc. KZT is by far the most secure I have used and to date I am on the longest run of no game ban. The product itself aside from security is great. With RUST I only use the ESP and aimbot and with smoothing and a low FOV you are accurate and win most fights while not arising suspicion. With Valorant I purchased the product tonight and it's great. Currently it is only ESP but honestly, if you have decent aim, it's all you need for this game. The recoil and movement of this type of game doesn't demand the strafing and positioning of games such as Apex or even Rust. If you can hold angles and get your crosshairs to your targets head quickly you will dominate with this product. I recently purchased access to the Cloudacy spoofer and am waiting on hearing from Cloudacy on some issue fixes with crashing my graphics card. Vindy's team immediately responded to my forum post and offered suggestions that did not work and forwarded the issue to the developer of the spoofer. I will update when that is complete and have no concerns that I am in good hands. Overall two great products, amazing customer service and an all around enjoyable atmosphere. I would highly recommend using their services. As someone who learned things the hard way when I started out, I can honestly say I wish I would have found Vindy and his team first.
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