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  1. https://shoppy.gg/@VindyShop
  2. Why do you open a thread here since i answered all your questions privately on discord.
  3. Vindy has to give you access on discord server.
  4. KZT was released on May 22. Force and Hyper yes, were detected before.
  5. Hi @xDaveeek. Our KZT RUST PRIVATE has never been detected since release. Currently any of our rust cheats has own spoofer.
  6. I already explained you on discord 🙂
  7. Thank you for your amazing review 🙂
  8. Thank you for your review 🙂
  9. No problem, if you need more help, you can add me on discord: M3NDI#1337.
  10. Licenses are based in HWID, so that's mean you can play in only 1 computer.
  11. We gave you access, stop acting like that. Be patient, we have personal life too. Thank you.
  12. Hi @prolep , yes it does support 2004 but now they are updating as you can see on status page
  13. M3NDI

    MOB Project EFT

    Thank you for your review, we are pleased when our costumers are happy 😁
  14. Many people after making their purchase do not have access in the forum to download the desired hack. To do this you have to: 1. Send your ORDER ID (Like this - Click here) of the purchase that you have received in your mail to the bot (Vindy Official Bot - Click here) of the public discord. You will then receive an invitation from the bot to the private discord server. 2. You can open a support ticket to receive access to the downloads section. 3. Thank you all for choosing us, we are pleased to have our costumes happy.
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