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  1. Yeah, I think the main reason for some of these bugs is my spoofer or cpu dunno tho.
  2. (Other than these bugs the cheat is absolutely amazing) Okay, so after playing around with kzt for awhile longer heres the bugs I have noticed. BUGS: Constant Bluescreen Esp getting stuck at the top of the window bar If I close the menu while running it will glitch out until I close it again. When using scope aimbot goes to the person closest to you instead of where you aim (Kinda changing the fov to the scope) NOT REALLY BUGS BUT KINDA ANNOYING: Predictions are almost always too high when using bolty Thats pretty much everything I found: Yeah thats all I really found while using the cheat so far. Again other than these SMALL things the cheat is 10/10. If I were you I would buy KZT Rust before slots are filled up!
  3. Okay, to start off I feel like KZT is on the better side of most cheats, Theres almost nothing wrong with KZT Rust except for these few things which I think would be nice to have on there. Bradley ESP Attack Copter ESP Custom Bind for aimbot Recoil Slider instead of just a toggle I feel like those things would make KZT Rust that much better, thanks for reading. TLDR; good cheat just needs some small things added
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