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    Simplex review

    I consider simplex as my new main cheat. It's simple but yet has the necessary features to make your cheating experience great. Aimbot The aimbot is very customizable and gives you plenty of room to go for legit or rage. Although the silent aim is sort of buggy at times i'd still recommend it to anyone who's looking to get into cheating. You have the option to change the FOV or even how smooth the aimbot should be. Overall great aimbot for the price Visuals The visuals are great, you can have pretty much every item rendered in ESP and have a option to change the distance if you wish to do so. For the price this cheat has some really good ESP and comparable to more expensive cheats. Misc The misc doesn't have that many features but has the essentials you need to climb on walls, use the debug camera or even change the time to day. Loader I have not had any issues with the loader excluding issues that were caused by myself. The cheat loads very quickly and is simple to set up. General The cheat is really amazing for the price and i was surprised by the quality it gave me. Only bad thing is that it doesn't come with a spoofer but that's not a problem since vindycheats offers a variety of spoofers that will fit your needs and game.
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