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  1. Aimbot- 9/10 Silent aim doesnt work but the RCS and the prediction of the sticky aimbot is plenty good enough to not need silent aim. ESP- 10/10 Honestly one of the smoothest and most well designed ESP i have used, no latency no jitter, not meshing issue just crisp clean esp and no CPU or GPU impact. MISC- 9/10 walk on water come on sometimes for no reason but generally its quite easy to turn off, other then that everything works as intended, one of the most stable spider climbs. Issues I had- If you want to use the cheat discord overlay has to be enabled and it took quite some time to get someone to respond to let me know this. but it was around christmas and what not so could be one off experience. Also you cannot have silent aim on at all if you want the aimbot to work, even though it doesnt tell you that. silent aim even though its broken it sometimes does hit. Also my key was started and there was downtime and it did run out a lot sooner then i thought i actually got to use it, but could be a one off experience as well. Overall: 8/10 WIth the pace of the response time from the admins and some of the more aggressive nature to the responses of your questions although I felt somewhat disrespected, they delivered on the quality and effectiveness of the product. Just dont expect a very well put together setup instructions and when you need support expect to wait. YOU HAVE TO HAVE DISCORD OVERLAY ON TO RUN THIS CHEAT! INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT TELL YOU! ADMIN WILL CHANGE IM SURE THOUGH!
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