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Cycle Frost Review/Feedback

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I really like your product, working well, i love it! But there are some things which could use some improvements :)

- Did not see anywhere(forum or epvp) that i need to run the game in windowed mode. took me a while to figure it out
- Maybe swap the default visible/not visible color on the ESP, so it would be green for visible and red for not visible instead of the current red = visible(yes i know i can adjust the colors for myself)
- There are certain items with strange names for example radioactive brightcap instead of glowy brightcap
- aimbot rage mode, i dont really see it explained anywhere what it does

and some things i would really love to see implemented...

- item ESP rarity would be a nice feature (for example only show blue or above tier)
- item ESP again... See the minerals rarity in the node
- ability to see the current weapon of an enemy(maybe their shield as well?)
- I really love the ability to choose the bone target for my aim, but how about somekind of scan or smart aim feature where it tries to aim for the head, but it will change the bone target depending on which one is visible.



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