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Valorant TENT ESP

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Hello all,

I purchased a one-day Valorant Tent ESP only to review for you all. 

The cheat is pretty simple to set up, and ultimately if you have used any of our products before, you will know the steps/process. Suppose you haven't, though, then no worries! The .zip file given upon download contains the steps, but we also have a how-to-use section on the website! 

Upon injecting, you're given the option to spoof, which I would always personally do unless stated otherwise. 

Once loaded up, you get a nice little loaded screen, and then you'll notice the radar activated in the top left corner. The menu can be displayed by pressing Ins (Insert.), where you can change the skeleton, radar, health, box, lines, and even have a FOV/Player looking at your warning. 

Overall I played a few games and had a good time with the cheat. I definitely recommend it for the competitive advantage.

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