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Small Squad Review

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Bought 1 day Squad.

The buying process is easy w/ paypal, but you have to be manually added, before you can use the cheat, which shouldn't take too long, but if you need it 'RIGHT NOW' then you can only hope admins see your ticket right away.

Had small issue with Key not working on loader, but Vindy promplty set me up w/ a new one.

The cheat itself doesn't offer huge amount of options, and the ones that do work doesn't work that well except infantry ESP, but still the performance is amazing.

For the options, I like to use box esp with distance esp, which for me feels clean and easiest to tell far/close infantry.

Sadly the Vehicle ESP doesn't work for vehicles in-use, and the one's in use the distance is inaccurate (can show 600m when its close, and 50m when it's 700m away).

The aimbot seems to work somewhat, but haven't used it properly since i don't enjoy using it.

My main thing is ESP, so coupled with the low performance impact, I would definitely but it again.

For people that play Armor (tracked, BTR etc..), it's still good for finding infantry, but for Armor vs Armor (which I hardly play), honestly it's underwhelming.


All in all for me that mainly needs infantry ESP its good, but to be objective I would rate 5/10.

Would give 7/10 if vehicle ESP worked.

8.5/10 if it had world ESP (for radios, nades and emplacements.)

Who I think should buy it: Would definitely recommend to people with lower end systems, that want a simple infantry ESP.


Side note: from my short interactions with Vindy, I feel that he's good to his customers and treats them with respect unlike other providers (of other cheats) which I have used in the past.



I rate it objectively 5/10, but for me personally its 7/10 since I don't need other options as much, therefore would rebuy (if I had the money XD)

The cheat: only has Infantry ESP that works well and cheat has good performance, although, no vehicle/world esp. Haven't used aimbot properly, but it seems to work.

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Hi there! Thank you for the detailed review and glad to hear for the most part you've enjoyed it!

As for your other concerns, we will take it on board and pass to the relevant developer!

Hope to see you back soon! 🙂

- Cala

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