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  3. Joey

    KZT Rust

    Very reliable cheat and for an affordable price compared to others out their. Many great staff to help you through the setup process and overall a well built cheat.
  4. Fozzy


    The aimbot and smooth settings are all very detailed and you can play however you want, legit or ragehacking. The "glow" is the best wallhack out there, changing colour if enemy is visible/shootable or not! no fps drops, the cheat is very light! very nice experience, would buiy again!
    Great cheat! Works for multiplayer and zombies, it has great legit and everything! Worth the purchase.
  5. Last week
  6. Been trying for the past 4 hours after posting this and the cheat still doesn't work for me.
  7. Anybody know a fix, or is it a key other than "INSERT" to open the menu, etc.? Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. NkryptD

    KZT Rust

    I can't even figure out how to open the menu. I follow the exact steps on the how to use forum, and it either tells me to reboot my PC or says it's successful and doesn't work when I'm in the game. Any advice/help?
  9. I follow the exact instructions on "How to Use" KZT Cheat forum, and everytime I run the Loader_New.exe, it tells me to reboot my computer, and when it does work, it doesn't load into the Rust game, because when I join a server and hit "INSERT" nothing happens. Please help. Thanks.
  10. BLACK PROJECT - COD: COLD WAR Support all windows 10 versions! AMD + INTEL suported! FULLSCREEN + WINDOWED FULLSCREEN supported! +ESP: -2D BOX -Distance -Nicknames -Targeret Alert -Angle -Radar Settings -Friendly +AIMBOT -Aimbot (on/off) -Prediction Aimbot -Aim Priority -Aim Smooth -Show Aimbot Range -Aimbot Bone -Aimbot Key +ADJUSTMENT: -Aimbot Range Distance -ESP Distance -ESP Thicnkenss SHIFT will lock to head SHIFT + CTRL will lock to nearest enemy INSERT/DELETE will add/clean white list END + LEFT MOUSE will set radar position HOME will show and hide menu
  11. Version 1.0.0


  12. GodLy

    MOB DayZ

    So I've tried quite a few different DayZ books, and I have to say this one is truly excellent. While it lacks a few features it makes up with by being very secure for the user. I'm really enjoying it, and I like that you can always change the colors to you liking. If you have eye strain issues, you can easily make the colors more dim, and keep on sh*tting on kids.
  13. Real name: Suzanne Newman Real email: suzanne.m.newman@gmail.com johngreeceman@protonmail.com IP Address Real name: Nicholas Bergstrom Real email: ppnicb2235@gmail.com ghost1335117@gmail.com IP Address IP Address Real name: Jennifer Beggerly Real email: queenlet55@hotmail.com Alt email: gaygilbert@protonmail.com IP Address Real name: Mihai Tudor Real email: mihai.tudor669@yahoo.com f1twitch@riseup.net IP Address
  14. https://shoppy.gg/@VindyShop
  15. Hi guys, can you give me the link to buy the KZT Valorant cheat? How do I purchase?
  16. Earlier
  17. GodLy

    KZT DayZ

    Another great book that Vindy has to offer. The feature list is a bit on the lower end, but you cant possibly lose a gunfight with the ESP. You can find anything your heart desires as well. I've made around 90k in my first day with the help of this great product.
  18. Vindy


    fresh video
  19. Sushi

    KZT Rust

    KZT is one of the best cheats in rust! Usually with other rust cheats you get under 50 hours on an account before getting game banned. When using KZT you almost never get game banned. The only bans you will get are admin bans and HWID bans if you don’t use a spoofer. KZT has all the same features as a regular cheat. Great aimbot with almost perfect prediction. Full features esp with boxes, health, skeleton, and weapons. It has iMac features such as SpiderMan, always day, and automatic. Finally it lets you customize all the colors in the cheat from esp boxes to crosshair color.
  20. AimASS


    No funnyshit it the best mod meny i never seen and it so easy to inject it crazy because some others out there injecting is trash
  21. Synx


    I think this is one of the best most complete EFT books it stays UD for long periods of times and has a good combination of feature's over all good cheat and a good reseller to buy off + REP
  22. VINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Version 1.0.0


  24. "BLUE" HWID SPOOFER BE + EAC GAMES Working on all windows versions -General Cleaner -Steam Cleaner -Clean EFT Traces -COD (Remove Shadow Ban) -Spoofer EAC/BE Working on ALL EAC+BE Games like Escape From Tarkov Fortnite Rainbow Six Seige PUBG DAYZ Apex Legends Rust And others...
  25. Bot lobbies cod CW ! Easy to make money with, you boost 3 person at 20$-25$ per hour (or more), you can do 1-55 jobs in less then 1 hour Zombies skins sells well ! Update for bot lobbies -now in MP custom match, you can teleport the bots to your position and lock them in place God mode and unlimited ammo added to MP custom lobbies. Your party will also benefit from this
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