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  5. Giveaway key of your wish for any TENT product is now active. Prize contain 3 winners : 1. Place = Month key 2. Place = Week key 3. Place = Day key Entry requirements: One entry point - Link of Review on my website One entry point - Link of Review on 3rd party website (epvp etc) Max entry points 2. How its work: Open ticket in "Vindy Users" discord with your username on site and link of review. Entry point is your username name, if you have 2 entry points i will write twice your username. Rules: As always we choose winner in https://wheelofnames.com/ while recording and screen sharing live on discord. First person who get 10x hits on his name is 3. winner Second person who get 10x hits on his name is 2. winner Third person who get 10x hits on his name is 1. winner Giveaway starting before we have too much entries, i will ping you here when it start so hurry:)
  6. Support Windows 10 HWID Spoofer and Cleaner are included
  7. Vindy


    APEX SYN Infos: HWID SPOOFER + Traces Cleaner Support INTEL + AMD INTERNAL CHEAT Supports ALL Windows 10 versions including newest one! Supports ALL Windows 11 versions including newest one!
  8. Support Windows 10 Internal cheat AIMBOT On/off Player (PCM) Scav Player Scav Random Bone Aimbot Aimlock FOV Slider Bind any key on keyboard Bind mouse (1/2/3/4) Bone (head/neck/chest/pelvis) Silent Aimbot FOV Slider Bone (head/neck/chest/pelvis) VISUALS Chams Visibility check chams (green not visible, red visible) Exfil ESP Exfil ESP Distance Fov circle Camera FOV Slider Degree Aspect ratio changer Slider No Visor Night Vision Thermal Vision ITEM ESP Item Distance Item Price PLAYER (PCM) VISUALS Distance Slider Box Name Health Ammo Weapon Skeleton SCAV VISUALS Player (PCM) Distance Slider Box Name Health Ammo Weapon Skeleton PLAYER SCAV VISUALS Distance Slider Box Name Health Ammo Weapon Skeleton MISC Silent melee No sway No recoil No spread Fast reload Instant ads Instant hit No visor High jump Shot & Run No fall damage Instant search Max search stat Disable inertia Infinite stamina Speedhack (with hotkey bind) Teleport loot Loot through walls Phasing (with hotkey bind)
  9. [PUBG TENT] New Video
  10. MW2 TENT Video Season 2
  11. Vindy


    New Video
  13. Vindy


    Version 1.0.1


  14. Hello, I opened ticket on discord ticket-2552. Please activate. Thank you
  15. Automatic menu settings save configuration Windows 10 versions 2004 to newest. Windows 11 All BUILD IN HWID SPOOFER + TRACES CLEANER
  16. Version 1.0.2


  17. Vindy


    Version 1.0.2


  18. Details sent in discord😀
  19. I finished and made the purchase but I am not able to open a ticket because discord is bugged. I called you in private @Vindy
  20. It's a remarkable tool. Tried different ones in the past this one is interesting yet positive. Customisablehitbox colour. Smooth aim assist. Injection is easy. Bot changes name after it logs off but sometimes gets stuck. I am not sure what causes it. If you turn PC off early etc. Unfortunately in the beginning I had difficulties adapting and understanding the tool and how it works in comp without getting banned. Support can do better as I have been ignored for 3 times during my month key. Hwid reset is an issue as you need to contact support and they need to do it for U. I think it should be allowed to users to reset Hwid. If you get banned you have to wait for a few days before they change Hwid. Overall my scores are below. My rating Tool 9/10 Support 5/10 Price, value: 7/10
  21. Hello all, I purchased a one-day Valorant Tent ESP only to review for you all. The cheat is pretty simple to set up, and ultimately if you have used any of our products before, you will know the steps/process. Suppose you haven't, though, then no worries! The .zip file given upon download contains the steps, but we also have a how-to-use section on the website! Upon injecting, you're given the option to spoof, which I would always personally do unless stated otherwise. Once loaded up, you get a nice little loaded screen, and then you'll notice the radar activated in the top left corner. The menu can be displayed by pressing Ins (Insert.), where you can change the skeleton, radar, health, box, lines, and even have a FOV/Player looking at your warning. Overall I played a few games and had a good time with the cheat. I definitely recommend it for the competitive advantage.
  22. Vindy

    Warzone ESP ONLY TENT

    Version 1.0.1


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