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  2. Purchased a 1 day key of the esp only version of KZT Valorant. Injection was very similar to other products I have used in the past so it was very easy to navigate. I really liked the options available such as displaying health, names, distance etc as well as being able to change the colors of boxes, skeletons, etc. I played a few games with it and while not using it to win gun fights I was able to use it to successfully make rotations, both offensively and defensively. At times the esp would cut out, as if the players location was hidden by slow walk (my guess) but would be visible when they shot or were walking normally. After a few games I got the bsod and a hardware id ban with it. Overall the cheat had some nice features and was helpful, however not too op, which I prefer it not being too easy as to rely on it. It is a bummer I was detected however I expect that for all cheats its not a matter of if you get banned, but when.
  3. Last week
  4. Hello, I'm interested in buying cheat with paypal. But it I need to fill in discord code. I dont have any discord code. Help. Greetings, Callidus
  5. Hello, on the military tunnel does not work ESP on bots, aim too
  6. ALPHA PROJECT Fully KERNEL cheat! GDI menu. Support Windows 1903 - 1909 - 2004 Autoupdate loader! Stream proof cheat! HWID lock! Features on image:
  7. Sk8

    Kzt Rust cheat

    Okay, So the cheat is so so. It lags u so fucking hard i normally get 80 fps i got 40 in game. Kinda ruins the experince. There needs to be a setting to uninject the cheat. I also dont like the mouse buttons that u need to use. i would rate the cheat 3 out of 5 stars
  8. Version 1.0.0


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  10. Vindy


    KZT SPOOFER SUPPORT ALL BE AND EAC GAMES!!!! Very easy to use! stable and undetected!
  11. I recently bought KZT Valorant cheat and been using it, really great cheat and I pushed my rank to Gold 3 from silver 2. Undetected but I didn't made it obvious like locking on people through walls and look directly at them through walls because cheat is undetected but you can get manual reported from people and checked by the devs. Overall great experience.
  12. Hi, i am going to buy vindy but i am hwid banned, what should i do
  13. Hey, I would like to ask if the EFT APP supports Amd. kind regards Ataxle
  14. This hack is so good. First, this has not been detected yet. Second, It is cheaper than it contains various functions. Thirdly, the Discord Forum is well revitalized. Finally, vindy is friendly and responsive is quick. If you aren't sure yet, try buying one-day first.
  15. Such a great cheat, anyway if you are using cheats you need to have a good crosshair placement, i'm only playing with ESP. Reached Immortal 3, and going for Radiant ❤️ Love this cheat.
  16. KZT VALORANT LIGTH THIS IS ONLY ESP VERSIONWindows 10 (1903-1909)Hwid LockStream ProofINTEL and AMD processorsFeatures: Player ESPPlayer BoxPlayer SkeletonPlayer HealthPlayer NicknamePlayer ESP Distance 0-1000mFully ESP colors configuration
  17. Great cheat and support
  18. Plus the value of $ 7.00 is for how many days?
  19. see functions list on forum for difference, no not risky, kzt valorant i recommend
  20. I'm wanting to buy pubg rascal accepts payment via Paypal?
  21. Estou querendo comprar pubg patife aceita pagamento via Paypal?
  22. Vindy


    Version 1.0.0


  23. hi, i wanted to know what is difference in the different valorant hacks, and is a memory one risky with riot anti cheat?
  24. Okay how do i start this, So I love the support i get fast reponses from the staff and the cheats here are overall amazing. Ktz for valorant is the cheat i bought it there was amazing service. The cheat is really good and i really like it. The cheat takes 0 effort to start up u just enter in your key while valorant is running and boom, injects. So overall amazing support and products. THANK YOU!!! (I recommend to whoever is looking at reviews trust me this is the place to go for cheats!)
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