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  1. Synx


    I think this is one of the best most complete EFT books it stays UD for long periods of times and has a good combination of feature's over all good cheat and a good reseller to buy off + REP
  2. Synx


    +Rep very good cheat with many features aimbot is good and has nice prediction, ESP is good to look at and customizable. Good cheat overall and would recommend to anybody. ESP 10/10 AIMBOT 10/10 MISC 8/10
  3. Synx

    KZT R6

    KZT R6, KZT R6 is a pretty balanced and stable cheat its currently missing aimbot/silent aim however the cheat itself is stream proof but its only cav esp which isn't. I recommend this for closet/legit cheaters in till they add aimbot/silent aim if they do it will be a good option for rage cheating aswell, it has good rage features like run and shoot, long melee and speed hack. Overall is a good stable cheat you get your moneys worth I recommend it been nearly a week no ban!
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