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  1. BLACK PROJECT - COD: COLD WAR Support all windows 10 versions! AMD + INTEL suported! FULLSCREEN + WINDOWED FULLSCREEN supported! +ESP: -2D BOX -Distance -Nicknames -Targeret Alert -Angle -Radar Settings -Friendly +AIMBOT -Aimbot (on/off) -Prediction Aimbot -Aim Priority -Aim Smooth -Show Aimbot Range -Aimbot Bone -Aimbot Key +ADJUSTMENT: -Aimbot Range Distance -ESP Distance -ESP Thicnkenss SHIFT will lock to head SHIFT + CTRL will lock to nearest enemy INSERT/DELETE will add/clean white list END + LEFT MOUSE will set radar position HOME will show and hide menu
  2. Version 1.0.0


  3. Real name: Suzanne Newman Real email: suzanne.m.newman@gmail.com johngreeceman@protonmail.com IP Address Real name: Nicholas Bergstrom Real email: ppnicb2235@gmail.com ghost1335117@gmail.com IP Address IP Address Real name: Jennifer Beggerly Real email: queenlet55@hotmail.com Alt email: gaygilbert@protonmail.com IP Address Real name: Mihai Tudor Real email: mihai.tudor669@yahoo.com f1twitch@riseup.net IP Address
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    fresh video
  5. Version 1.0.0


  6. "BLUE" HWID SPOOFER BE + EAC GAMES Working on all windows versions -General Cleaner -Steam Cleaner -Clean EFT Traces -COD (Remove Shadow Ban) -Spoofer EAC/BE Working on ALL EAC+BE Games like Escape From Tarkov Fortnite Rainbow Six Seige PUBG DAYZ Apex Legends Rust And others...
  7. Bot lobbies cod CW ! Easy to make money with, you boost 3 person at 20$-25$ per hour (or more), you can do 1-55 jobs in less then 1 hour Zombies skins sells well ! Update for bot lobbies -now in MP custom match, you can teleport the bots to your position and lock them in place God mode and unlimited ammo added to MP custom lobbies. Your party will also benefit from this
  8. This will make you more then 10x money from game then you pay for it! Price: 150$ day 500$ week 1100$ month PLAYER ESP Highly configurable! Death check Team/friendly check Bones Distance Visibility checks AIMBOT Highly configurable! Visibility checks Bones Smart bone selection (can aim at the nearest visible bone if preferred bone not visible) Humanized smoothing Lock target FOV Multiple aimkey configurations Hardware emulated mouse aimbot (very safe!) SCREENSHOT CLEANER No risk of screenshot based bans! HWID SPOOFER No risk of hardware bans! EXTRA FEATURES Multiplayer Lobby Zombie Lobby Speedhack What can I do with this? - Host bot lobbies for others at your own pricing. - Host bot lobbies for yourself Zombie Lobby (Works for both character level and weapons levels!) 1. Create custom match 2. Adjust settings, add friends, etc. 3. Start match 4. When class select menu pop up, press "zombie lobby" button 5. Adjust speedhack to your liking Multiplayer Lobby (Works only for weapons levels!) 1. Create custom match 2. Adjust settings, add bots and friends, etc. 3. Start match 4. When class select menu pop up, press "multiplayer lobby" button 5. Adjust speedhack to your liking
  9. CORHARD VALORANT Support windows 1903-2004 and INTEL cpu only! HWID LOCK HWID SPOOFER INCLUDED INTERNAL Price for BTC day - 20$ week - 70$ month - 140$ For paypal open support ticket in discord Features: Visuals: Players Esp Bots Esp Ability Esp Item Esp Planted spikes Esp Radar: Enemies Friendlies Aimbot: Aim key Aim bone Visible check Show Fov Target Lock Smoothing Triggerbot: Check Spread Show feedback Hotkey Max distance Bone Check Mouse interval Misc: HWID SPOOFER
  10. chargebacker Real name: Łukasz Ołdak Email: lukasz.oldak2001@gmail.com IP: Enjoy
  11. Vindy


    Version 1.0.0


  12. Rust orion/simplex refreshed showchase enjoy
  13. Scammer Real name: Luke Jones Email: luwijones@gmail.com IP:
  14. Vindy


    Support:Windows 10 (2004-20H2) Intel and AMD CPUs HWID LOCK STREAM PROOF AUTO UPDATE Features: Player ESP Player ESP Distance 0-10.000 Zombie ESP Zombie ESP Distance 0-10.000 Loot ESP Loot ESP Distance 0-10.000 Silent Aimbot Silent Aimbot Distance 0-10.000 Silent Aimbot FOV
  15. scammer discord Monkas XDDDDD#5006 IP: Mails: trickshotter1337@yahoo.com fmiglsbvekggzdnmzi@wqcefp.online Enjoy
  16. Vindy

    KZT R6

    Support Windows 10 (2004-20H2) Hwid Lock Support Intel and AMD Stream proof Features: Player ESP Unlock ALL SpeedHack No Flash No Recoil No Spread Automatic guns Long Melee No Aim Animation
  17. Vindy


    Version 1.0.0


  18. Vindy


    PUBG MOB Support Windows 10 (2004-20H2) Support Intel AND Amd CPUs Features: ESP SIZE MENU SIZE PLAYER ESP PLAYER BOX ESP PLAYER DISTANCE (0-1000) Video:
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