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  1. You need access. Get out of here with those accusations. You'll need premium access. Its also currently updating.
  2. GodLy

    MOB DayZ

    So I've tried quite a few different DayZ books, and I have to say this one is truly excellent. While it lacks a few features it makes up with by being very secure for the user. I'm really enjoying it, and I like that you can always change the colors to you liking. If you have eye strain issues, you can easily make the colors more dim, and keep on sh*tting on kids.
  3. GodLy

    KZT DayZ

    Another great book that Vindy has to offer. The feature list is a bit on the lower end, but you cant possibly lose a gunfight with the ESP. You can find anything your heart desires as well. I've made around 90k in my first day with the help of this great product.
  4. One of if not the best books for Rust. 0% ban rate, and one of the best feature lists with features that actually work. The aimbot is solid, the debugcamera is to die for, and the esp actually works when it's set to your desires. 10/10 to vindy and his team.
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