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  1. https://youtu.be/qAfuneNAhHM
  2. Quick edit to my review there are side mouse aimlock buttons mouse up and mouse down. Also another pro feature has a built in screen cleaner and stream proof discord won't even pick it up if you screen share 😉
  3. thanks man its what i do. cheat itself is great had a ton of fun using it.
  4. hope everyone likes this video I made to show case some of my game play with the super people cheat.
  5. I've played with the super people cheat a few times so far. I give it a 9 out of 10. I am making a video for this cheat will posy that soon. All in all loved the cheat super easy to buy and use. Great work. Pros Easy to use and very clean menu. It is also stream proof. Aimbot is good but was still having recoil and snipers wasn't always hitting this could be my fault with settings wrong. Esp is perfect always worked no lag. The radar on the mini map is the greatest radar I've seen yet. NO BANS YET EVEN AFTER RAGING. Cons Recoil even with aimbot. (Like I said before could be wrong settings if so where did I fuck up) Wish there was side mouse buttons for aim lock but it's no big deal. Wish there was a setting for no recoil again not super needed bit would be great if some only wanted to use esp and no recoil and not aimbot.
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