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    Apex SYN

    APEX SYN Infos: HWID Lock / BUILD IN HWID SPOOFER / INTEL + AMD / INTERNAL CHEAT Supports ALL Windows 10 versions including newest one! Features: Aimbot: Enable; Enemy only; Visible only; Alive only; Prediction; Aim Fov; Aim Smooth; Aim key; RCS; Draw fov; Disable aim when being spectated; Neares; Bone selection; Visuals: Players ESP (Shows players); ITEM ESP (Shows guns, attachments, shield, ammo and more); Draw Glow (fill style, border style, thickenss, brightness) Max distance; Enemy only; Visible only; Alive only; Fill box; Draw glow (fill style, border style, thickenss, brightness) Draw weapon; Draw health; Draw shield; Draw skeleton; Draw view traces; Draw name; Out of FOV arrows; Color picker for palyer esp, glow and radar; Misc: Spectator list; Panic key; Screenshots:
  2. GrafKoks


    thanks for your review 🙂
  3. Were you banned on any game before? If not you dont need a spoofer.
  4. Thank you for your review, we are pleased when our costumers are happy 😁
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